Humber Barges Ltd is an innovative company offering an attractive, low-cost, environmentally-friendly alternative to road transport. We will help achieve the UK Government's aim - to transfer 3% of freight from road to water.

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  • Direct transfer between cargo ship and barge at dock or river wharf reducing costs & congestion.

  • Substantial uplift potential - 3,000 tonnes plus.

  • Ideal for internal traffics also.

  • Cost effective and efficient.

  • Craft up to 480 tonne capacity - carrying the equivalent of around 24 lorries at their average load of 20 tonnes !

  • DFT Freight Operating Grants available.

  • Helping the environment; barges are a low pollution solution - lorries produce around 4 times the amount of carbon dioxide than barges per tonne carried.

  • Reduced road congestion and therefore lower costs than road transport. £billions are lost each year through road congestion.

  • Very low Carbon Footprint. Barges are more fuel-efficient than lorries and also last longer.

Why Freight by Water? Click here.

Fusedale H looking smart after docking and re-paint.

We operate between the Humber Ports and York, Leeds, Rotherham and Nottingham, operating our own barges and managing those belonging to other people.
map of this area is available here. More details can be provided on request.

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Geoff Wheat - An Appreciation



We can carry almost any bulk or package cargo which can be carried by road:

  • Cargo in rolls, pallets or bags

  • Large sizes and long lengths

  • Coal, Aggregates and Biomass Fuels

  • Grain, Fertilisers & Animal feeds

  • Timber & Steel products

  • Fly Ash, Bauxite, Slag & other wastes

  • Newsprint

  • Rice & Soya meal.

Loading a barge

Typical destinations include: oil depots, ready-mix concrete plants, power stations, quarries, steel stockholders; indeed anywhere adjacent to the inland waterways of our area where large quantities of material need moving efficiently.

Barge Specifications

We have two 480 tonne barges.
Fusedale H is again working, albeit as a dry cargo carrier while 'Humber Enterprise' will brought back into use when traffic warrants.

                        Other craft can be sub-contracted as required.
                        All craft warranted fit for purpose.

Contact Us

For more information on any aspect of Humber Barges please contact us on:


 Christine Oatway, Managing Director:     0757 2847006 (24 hrs)
 David Lowe, Director:                             07785 502478 (24 hrs)
 Gerald Whiteley, Director:                     01282 812456

Email:     enquiries@humber-barges.co.uk

Humber Barges Ltd:
95 Denby Dale Road, Wakefield, WF2 8DJ


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